Virtual care in a whole new class

The most powerful virtual care platform is the one people use.
The world's most advanced telehealth platform
advances even further.
TruClinic unifies virtual health with your in-clinic experience to streamline your clinical workflows. It works the way that your providers want it to. That is why TruClinic is adopted faster, deeper and more widely than any other telehealth system.






Trusted by the world's best


TruClinic is easy for clinicians to love. Which is why so many do.


TruClinic is simple to use for both providers and patients, so it's adopted faster. And it adapts to every use case  –  even the oddball ones  –  so it spreads widely. And there are no limits on accounts or how you use it, so it's adopted deeply.

We believe that the best care is provided when technology removes barriers between caregivers and patients. Our technology works inside of the technology you already use and adapts to the way that you work, not the other way around.

So before you risk your bank account, reputation, and patient outcomes on a patchwork quilt of single-use solutions, let us show you what you're missing. Because there's telehealth, and then there's next-generation, I didn't know that was possible (!), telehealth.

When KLAS notified us that their investigators and researchers had been analyzing us for the new KLAS 2017 Virtual Care Platforms report we knew it would be brutal. 

The researchers from KLAS examined every telehealth company in the market. They interviewed hospitals and health systems, talked to clinical users, and reviewed the technologies. Then they audited all of the data and published their findings in the new KLAS Telehealth Virtual Care Platforms 2017 Report. 

  • KLAS rated TruClinic 91.7* overall.

  • We earned high performing scores in 12 of the 14 categories Klas graded us on*.
  • 100%* of our customers told Klas that TruClinic "keeps all promises".
  • 100%* of our customers said that we are part of their long term plans.
  • 100%* of our customers said that they would buy us again.
  • 100%* of our customers would recommend us to others.

* This overall score is below Konfidence with less than 15 unique respondents.


Every telehealth need and use case

 Retail Telehealth

Retail Telemedicine

Consumer initiated interactions
with caregivers.



Connects all of your locations
with a single network.



Connects to deployed care teams
in the field.

 Direct to Patient

Direct to Patient

Connects clinicians and care teams directly to patients.


Every Use case. Every workflow.
One Platform

Would you buy a phone that only calls one number?

That's just what most hospitals and health systems are doing. They're cobbling together solutions that were designed to solve only a part of the problem, systems that only handle a single use case. They're building a risky patchwork quilt of telemedicine and hoping it survives.

TruClinic is a different approach.

TruClinic is designed to be custom designed. It handles every use case, even the oddball ones. And it's modular. That means that every physician and clinic can pick the features they need and get everything else out of their way so they can do their work.

So before you risk your bank account, reputation, and patient outcomes on a jumble of one-off apps, let us show you what you're missing. Because there's telehealth, and then there's next-generation-didn't-know-that-was-possible telehealth.


Every use case you have, and those you haven't thought of yet.

TruClinic's modular, adaptable platform expands your care and reduces the overhead and risks of multiple jury-rigged systems.

How is TruClinic Different?


Unlimited ROI

There are no limits on your usage, storage, bandwidth, and number of accounts. TruClinic’s simple subscription model provides massive ROI.

Easy Adoption

Fast & Deep Clinical Adoption

To be useful, your solution must be used. TruClinic is adopted faster, integrated more deeply, and used more widely than any other telemedicine platform.


Every Use Case Included

No matter the number or diversity of your use cases, we have you covered. From first response triage, to pediatric admissions, to behavioral health, TruClinic's amazing flexibity is already being used.

Built-in Security

Advanced Security

TruClinic's 5 tier security complies with HIPAA, HITECH, and COPPA. We maintain SSAE 16 SOC 1-4 audit certification and conduct third-party penetration testing sand security audits to keep your information is safe.

Implementation & Training

Enterprise Implementations

TruClinic's implementation team will hold your hand at every step of your technical implementation, communications, and training for your users.

AI Check-In

Automated Patient Admissions

Our AI powered patient check-in unifies your in-clinic and virtual patient admissions with a single system that eliminates wasted time and data entry mistakes.

Award-Winning Support

Expert Customer Care

Get personalized support from highly-trained professionals. Our Customer Care Team provides solutions based on deep industry knowledge. Reach out any time. We’re available 24/7.


Built for Real People

We built TruClinic to remove physical and technical barriers between providers and the people they care for, no matter the use case.


With service, support, and strategic guidance scores that beat every other virtual care platform you'd think we'd be satisfied.
Think again.

Being called the best is rewarding, but we're just getting started.

TruClinic by the numbers.


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Number of different clinical use cases for a single customer.


Number of telehealth solutions you'll need.


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