CRO + Academic Research

Expanding the edge of Medical research

Academic research centers and CROs use TruCliinc to expand the scale and reach of research.
Medical research with incredible reach and massive scale.
CRO and ARO researchers are using TruClinic to expand clinical trials.


Researchers use TruClinic's digital capabilities to extend studies remotely, and to increase the scale of those studies. The result: better science.

ARO & CRO Research

Somewhere in a small outpatient clinic,
a researcher is filling out another form.

TruClinic removes the constraints of patient access and availability.
The result: clinical trials designed in ways that just haven't been possible until now.
Easy Adoption

Will it be used?

Although TruClinic is a powerful tool, it's simple to use. That means that new users quickly spread across your organization.


Built for Success

Acquire new patients. Increase volume. Reduce patient leakage. TruClinic extends your access and care everywhere and makes it easy to measure success.

Patient Experience

Improved Outcomes

TruClinic is remarkably easy to use. So it's easy for you to keep every appointment or check-in and there are fewer gaps in your care. The result: improved outcomes.

Built-In Security

Advanced Security

TruClinic's 5 tier security complies with HIPAA, HITECH, PIPEDA, COPPA, HL7, and the FDA. And TruClinic maintains SSAE 16 Type II audit certification to keep your information is safe.


Face-to-face research without being there.

TruClinic solves problems for researchers.

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