Virtual Care

Every use case. Every workflow.
One platform.

Changing the way you use Telehealth. One edge use case at a time.
The future of healthcare is already in your hands.
Healthcare providers can deliver the best care when they have powerful, intuitive tools that they love to use. TruClinic is adopted faster, deeper, and wider than other systems. The result is expanded care that becomes more efficient, more personalized, and ultimately more human.

Using it is easy. That's why so many people do.

TruClinic is adopted faster, deeper, and wider across an organization than other telehealth solutions.

Why? Because clinicians love to use it. It makes their life easier, and it works exactly the way they want it to. And it lives happily inside your existing EHR so there's not yet another system to manage.  

It's customizable too, so it handles every use case, even the oddball ones. And it's modular. That means that you can pick the features you need and get everything else out of their way so you can do your work.

And because it's used so quickly, and widely, and deeply, it helps more patients, and improves more outcomes, and delivers a better ROI.

So before you end up with a system that people don't love to use, take a look at a system that people do.

Automated Patient Intake

Makes your current check-in process look like patient abuse.

TruClinic's patient intake is a smooth experience for your care teams and patients, whether they're online or at your front desk.
Easy Adoption

Will it be used?

Although TruClinic is a powerful tool, it's simple to use. That means that it spreads quickly across your organization, delivering more value.


Massive ROI

Because TruClinic is used more than other systems, it helps more patints, improves more outcomes, and delivers a better ROI.

Patient Experience

Improved Outcomes

Because TruClinic makes it so easy to connect with patients there are more touches and fewer gaps in your care. The result: improved outcomes.

Built-In Security

Advanced Security

TruClinic's 5 tier security complies with HIPAA, HITECH, and COPPA. We maintain SSAE 16 SOC 1-4 audit certification and conduct third-party penetration testing sand security audits to keep your information is safe.


There are lots of health apps. TruClinic is the platform you’ll use.

TruClinic is built to work for every care team, from individual clinics
to the largerst health systems.

Every Use Case. Every Work Flow. A Single Platform.

 Retail Telehealth

Retail Telemedicine

Consumer initiated interactions
with caregivers.



Connects all of your locations
with a single network.



Connects to deployed care teams
in the field.

 Direct to Patient

Direct to Patient

Connects clinicians and care teams directly to patients.

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