Executive Team

 Justin Kahn, CEO TruClinic

Justin Kahn

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Justin Kahn is the Founder and CEO of TruClinic, which he started in 2010 with a simple idea – to give providers the technology needed to treat their patients everywhere. During the company's early years, Justin acted as the sole customer touch-point. Justin has been recognized as as a game changer in healthcare and leads company in terrible jokes and coffe consumption.

 Brian Russon

Brian Russon

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

As the company CRO, Brian is responsible for TruClinic's sales strategy and revenue growth. Brian has been on the cutting edge of healthcare technology since 1998. He has an extensive background and expertise in payer, provider and public sector health information, data analytics and health reform initiatives. He served as Vice President of Business Development at Optum (formerly Ingenix) before moving on to Microsoft as a Senior Director in the Health & Life Sciences Division.

 Trevor Wilkin, CTO

Trevor Wilkin

Co-founder &
Chief Technology Officer

Trevor Wilkin is the Co-Founder and CTO of Truclinic. During the company’s early years, Trevor acted as the sole engineer, designer, and support representative for the entire Truclinic platform. Before TruClinic, Trevor engineering career including development for for Sony, Microsoft, Take2Interactive, and France Telecom. Trevor holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Birmingham.

 Alex Zoller, Head of Product

Alex Zoller

Head of Product

Alex oversees Truclinic's product organization which drives prodcut developemnt for the company. Alex brings 20 years of leading companies in healthcare, technology and finance. Before joining TruClinic, Ales was CEO and Founder of Overl.ai – a healthcare automation intelligence company acquired by Truclinic. Alex's career includes the development and launch of several health IT products at Integrated Systems Management, and Alex led the team at United Care Group in implementation of its Practice Management System in Florida.

 Vitaly Leokumovich, Head of Engineering

Vitaly Leokumovich

Head of Engineering

Vitaly oversees TruClinic's engineering team which drives the core programming for the company. Before joining TruClinic, Vitaly was co-founder of Overl.ai, a healthcare automation intelligence company acquired by Truclinc. He has 20+ years of experience building products that clients love.

 Lori Douglas, VP of Client Development

Lori Douglas

VP of Client Development

Lori is based in the Sale Lake City office and oversees the company’s implementation, change management and support operations for TruClinic's growing list of clients. Prior to TruClinic, Lori was Senior Vice-President at Vista Staffing Solutions, where she was one of a small team that grew that company from a small specialty staffing agency into an industry leader.

 William Evans, CSO

William Evans

Chief Security Officer

As the leader of TruClinic's security division, William is responsible for protecting the securing our client's data. William has 15 years experience in the IT administration and networking industry with expertise in network security and security vendor related training. Prior to joining TruClinic, William worked securing data for ForeScout Technologies, Fishnet Security and Convergys Juniper Networks.

 Erick Halbritter

Eric Halbritter

Director of Compliance

Eric Halbritter has immersed himself in the forefront of networking technology for the past 18+ years. It started with mastering routers, switches, firewalls and the like, and then transitioned into training, building and managing teams of technology enthusiasts supporting Fortune 500 companies. Most recently he has been running a publicly trusted Certificate Authority and making sure TruClinic stays at it’s best



Board Of Directors


Justin Kahn

Founder & CEO

Mark Brouse

Board Member

Alexander Zoller

Head of Product