Patient monitoring.

TruClinic helps caregivers stay connected with patients anywhere. And everywhere.
Every health system says they go to the ends of the earth
for their patients, but how many actually do?
TruClinic helps you recieve better, faster, more personal care by
connecting you with the people who are caring for you. Anywhere.

Your own doctor will see you now.

There are lots of apps that allow you make an online appointment with a doctor or nurse you've never met, but these 'doc in a box' don't connect you with anyone you know.

We believe that the best care is provided when we remove all of the barriers between you and your care team to create an unbroken line of care. A simple-to-use tool that connects you with the doctors and nurses that you already know and have a relationship with, not random stranger.

Now doesn't that make sense?


As easy as answering a call.

Laptop. Tablet. Phone. TruClinic keeps you connected everywhere, on any device.
Simple & Easy

Fits 6 hours into 10 minutes

Schedule an appointment. Meet with your doctor on your phone. TruClinic fits a six hour travel and waiting room marathon into a 10 minute video call.


Continuous Care

TruClinic streamlines the clinical process, making it easier for your caregivers to connect with you more frequently, rather than only during periodic visits.

Patient Experience

Improved Outcomes

TruClinic is remarkably easy to use. So it's easy for you to keep every appointment or check-in and there are fewer gaps in your care. The result: improved outcomes.

Built-In Security

Advanced Security

TruClinic's 5 tier security complies with HIPAA, HITECH, PIPEDA, COPPA, HL7, and the FDA. And TruClinic maintains SSAE 16 Type II audit certification to keep your information safe.

The Future

Somewhere in a small treatment room, a patient is still waiting for a doctor.

TruClinic solves problems for patients, giving you access to the doctors and caregivers who you already know.

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