The Platform

There are lots of health apps.
TruClinic is the platform you'll use.

Flexible. Reliable. Mobile. Modular. Scalable. Secure. Easy to use.
TruClinic is adopted faster and deeper than other systems.

Handles Every Use Case You Have.

For those finding it hard to believe we could fit every use case and work flow you have into a single application. Voila.

TruClinic is a modular platform. There's no jury-rigging multiple single-solution systems together. It's designed from it's core to be bedrock-stable for every use case, even when deployed across the largest distributed health systems with hundreds of locations and thousands of clinicians. But it's also flexible, so it adapts to every remote specialty clinic and complicated one-off work flow. 


TruClinic wasn't built to grab the low-hanging fruit of solving one little niche problem.
To provide a solution to every telehealth interaction we had to take the whole tree. We chose the hard route, the one that overlays and integrates with your EMR and other systems, whatever they are. We're the "interaction layer" that caregivers in the largest and most diverse health networks use without disrupting their existing process or adding another login. And we're built with an eye on the future, to handle the new use cases that are just around the corner, and the unknown ones far down the road.

 Retail Telehealth

Retail Telemedicine

Consumer initiated interactions
with caregivers.



Connects all of your locations
with a single network.



Connect to deployed care teams
in the field.

 Direct to Patient

Direct to Patient

Clinicians and care teams connect directly with their patients.

EHR Integration

Transforms your existing EHR into a
next-generation telehealth platform.

TruClinic gives you every telehealth capability without leaving your EHR.

A modular Platform with all
of the building blocks you're
going to need.

Would you buy a phone that only calls one number?

That's just what most hospitals and health systems are doing. They're cobbling together solutions that were designed to solve only a part of the problem, systems that only handle a single use case. They're building a patchwork quilt of telemedicine and hoping it works.

And that's a risky strategy.

It's risky because it creates a mess of one-off systems and forces you to support them all. That means losing time and resources, and continually trying to integrate all of your systems with your EHR and with each other. And it's risky because healthcare is just beginning the move from analog to digital, so betting on one-off apps that you've strung together is a crapshoot.

It's a strategy that strands you on an endless replacement treadmill of square pegs and round holes, continually tearing out parts of the system because they don't quite fit. It's miserable, and it's costly, and in the end you're stuck with a mediocre system.

But that's just what many health systems, hospitals, and clinics are doing.

TruClinic is a different approach.

TruClinic is designed to be custom designed. It handles every use case, even the oddball ones. And it's modular. That means that every physician and clinic can pick the features they need and get everything else out of their way so they can do their work.

And you can add modules  – even if they're from other companies – to build any solution you want. Bluetooth wearables, personal health apps, or different systems. TruClinic ties everything together in a single platform.

So before you risk your bank account, reputation, and patient outcomes on a jumble of one-trick ponies, let us show you what you're missing. Because there's telehealth, and then there's next-generation-didn't-know-that-was-possible telehealth.


The future of healthcare is already in your patients hands.

 Telemed Family

Focus on delivering amazing care. We'll take care of the rest.

Build your custom telehealth solution. With the TruClinic Platform, your telehealth care will be backed
by the same infrastructure that powers millions of provider-patient interactions.


A modular platform design that allows you to create and customize different workflows depending upon your needs.

EMR Integration

TruClinic is tightly integrated into all of the major EMRs.


All TruClinic services work on all smart devices as well as the browser.

Multi-Stream Video

Supports an unlimited number of simultaneous mult-channel video streams.


Share patient and provider notes, images, x-rays, patient histories, intake forms and scanned documents.


Providers can submit prescriptions electronically to pharmacies. No more sitting on the phone.

Integrated Billing

Charge and collect payments from patients for remote visits.

Real-time eligibility

Charge and collect payments from patients for remote visits and even file claims directly inside the system.

Unlimited Waiting Rooms

Manage any number of virtual waiting rooms confitured to different work flows and settings.

Patient Specific Forms

Patient and visit specific questionnaires and consent forms that sync directly with your EMR.

On Screen Signatures

Accept all patient input with direct to screen signatures that remove even more paperwork.

Rules Engine

A flexible rules engine creates a decision tree inside the system to follow your process.

Patient Self-Service

Allow patients to review and edit their information on-demand, preventing errors and saving staff time.

Completely Paperless

Completely paperless system results in fewer errors and removes manual data entry.

Patient Surveys

Survey patients at any time before or after a session to capture data around satisfaction or anything else.

Multi-Room Transfer

Transfer patients directly between virtual waiting rooms or sessions while you're inside the system.

White-label / Branding

TruClinic is completely branded as your own internal system.

A.I. driven clinical flows

TruClinic's internal A.I. engine smoothly handles process changes based on patient inputs.

Automatic Reconciliation

Complete patient medical history capture and reconciliation updates your data and keeps it clean.

High Capacity & availability

Every customer is powered by an infrastructure that will support you into the millions of interactions a day.

Cloud Infrastructure

Caching? Load balancing? Scaling? It's all handled on a grid of servers that already serves millions of hits per day.

Uber-Secure HIPPA / HITECH

TruClinic's 5 tier security complies with HIPAA, HITECH, COPPA,. We maintain SSAE 16 SOC 1-4 audit certification and use third-party security testing.

Zero IT Overhead

No maintence. No plugins or code updates for your IT department to deploy. It's always on and up to date.

Enterprise Ready

Change Desinged for massive scale, TruClinic will easily handle the largest hospital and insurance networks with millions of users.

Custom Development

Need something custom? We're happy to develop whatever you might need, allowing you the ultimate flexibility.


TruClinic is not for everyone.

We want to be up front about that.

There are a lot of companies claiming to be telehealth solutions. Apps that send a secure text. Robots that trundle around a with a video screen face. Doc-in-a-box chats with random providers.

These companies spend a lot on marketing, so perhaps they've convinced you that their single use case solution will work. Or maybe you're a keen do-it-yourselfer who is happy to gamble on an à la carte system. 

If that's the case then TruClinic's not for you.

Because TruClinic is a complete A-to-Z virtual care platform. 

Ask any of our customers.

So, you've got some important choices to make. But before you make a decision, may we humbly suggest that you take a look at TruClinic and see for yourself the future of virtual care?  Because, while we can tell you all of the ways that TruClinic is your best choice, we'd rather show you.

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