TruClinic is easy for clinicians to love. Which is why so many do.

TruClinic works the way you want.
In the future your virtual care platfrom will teleport your patients to your treatment room, automatically check them in,
and bring you a mochaccino latte.
Until then, no lattes.

TruClinic gets used more than other telehealth systems.

We're living in the technology era.

In 1950s it was estimated to take 50 years to double all medical knowledge. By 2020 it will take just 73 days.

That's what technology can do.

The changes in healthcare are gargantuan. And no one knows for sure exactly where they're going. What next gizmo or wiz-bang breakthrough is next. But there is one thing that we do know. You're going to use more technology.

TruClinic is a virtual care technology designed to cope with these changes. It makes you more productive, and lets you spend more time working at the top of your license. And it's great technology, you won't even know that it's there.

That's why TruClinic gets used more than other telehealth systems.

Patient Experience

A patient teleportation device disguised as a smart phone.

Laptop. Tablet. Phone. TruClinic keeps you connected to your patients.

Fewer No-Shows

TruClinics virtucal care and automated check-in mean fewer no-shows or missed appointments and more time spent with patients.

Patient Experience

A Single Intake Process

TruClinic automates your virtual and in-clinic care with a single process that patients love, and that frees staff from unproductive data entry chores.


Improved Outcomes

TruClinic is remarkably easy to use. So it's easy for your patients to keep appointment and there are fewer gaps in your care. The result: improved outcomes.


Fits you perfectly

TruClinic is modular. It handles every use case, even the oddball ones. So you can pick the features you need, and get everything else out of your way.

Patient Experience

Look at it this way, it's either an expensive phone call,
or very reasonable healthcare.

Laptop. Tablet. Phone. TruClinic keeps you connected to your patients.

Helping caregivers understand what they really make are miracles.


You care for for people. We can help.

Caregivers use TruClinic for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of different use cases. One academic health system client uses TruClinic across more than 60 different specialty clinics in 5 states. Another customer uses TruClinic in 700 locations. Caregivers are using TruClinic for virtual care, addiction therapy, population health, patent monitoring, chronic care, drug research, and every other use case across healthcare.

You don't need another app. You need a teleportation device – a platform that puts you in front of your patients as though they were in your treatment room – with whatever information and other people you needed to care for that person.

Like Simo, a 5 year old Moroccan boy with autism who had never walked and only cried to communicate. One of our nonprofit clients connected him from Morocco to a therapist in San Francisco who helped him stop crying. And start communicating. And walking. And now Simo is starting to speak. The video of the look on his mothers face when she heard her little boy speak for the very first time stopped us all in our tracks.

We were witnessing nothing less than a miracle. After that, it wasn't about the technology or the business. It became all about Simo. And the millions of other people like Simo who can be helped in ways they couldn't be helped before.

So we built TruClinic to handle your use case, whatever it is. So that you can use it to make someone's life better. And while TruClinic is about incredible technology, and EHR integrations, and better outcomes, it's mostly about the miracle.

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