Telehealth for people

TruClinic is a simple-to-use tool that helps caregivers connect with you anywhere. And everywhere.
The future of your healthcare is already in your hands.
TruClinic is a technology solution that keeps you connected to your physician and care team. The result is that you have access to care that is more efficient, more personalized, and ultimately more human.

Your own doctor will see you now.

There's a reason that patients love TruClinic.

It connects you to everyone on your care team. And that's a good thing. We believe that the best care is provided by your own care team.  A simple-to-use connection with the doctors and nurses that you already know and have a relationship.

And because you're connected to your care team, it's easy for them to check up on you, or for you to check in with them.  And we think that's how technology should work, connecting people, and then getting out of the way.

Virtual Care

Somewhere in a waiting room a patient is filling out forms.

There's more to life than sitting in a doctors office. TruClinic keeps you connected your caregivers through any smart device, as easily as answering a phone call.

Presto. Instant Check-in.

Make your appointment on your phone or check-in for your office appointment at home before you get there. TruClinic drops the paperwork and replaces it with simple click-through convenience.


Email, text, call, video.

TruClinic makes it easier for your caregivers to connect with you more frequently, rather than only during periodic visits. The result? Improved outcomes.

Patient Experience

Fits 6 hours into 10 minutes

Schedule an appointment. Meet with your doctor on your phone. TruClinic fits a six hour travel and waiting room marathon into a painless 10 minute video call.

Built-In Security

Advanced Security

No need to run through all of the HIPAA, HITECH, COPPA, and SSAE 16 SOC 1-4 security stuff. Let's just say that TruClinic keeps your information is safe.


As easy as answering your phone.

No app to download or install. Just click a text or email link and you're connected.

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