Automated Patient Intake

Unifies virtual and in-clinic patient intake with a single system.

TruClinic’s automated patient intake provides the same paperless experience for every patient, whether they are in-clinic or online.
The future of healthcare is already in your hands.
Healthcare providers can deliver the best care when they have powerful, intuitive tools that they love to use. TruClinic is adopted faster, deeper, and wider than other systems. The result is expanded care that becomes more efficient, more personalized, and ultimately more human.

Introducing the waiting room.
Now with less wait.


The more patients you have, the more practical it becomes.

Take a look at your waiting room. There's a lot of waiting, and wasted time. It's a lousy experience and it makes people unhappy. And irritable. And it's not a great idea to have all of those sick people sitting next to each other.  

And there's another problem. It wastes your money. It's sapping staff time on data entry and copying patient information into your EHR, insurance, and payment systems. It's inefficient, unproductive, and sometimes they make mistakes. 

We chose a different approach. Because we realized an important but overlooked fact: Patient care starts in your waiting room.

Scientifically engineered to not hold patients.

TruClinc puts a merciful end to your staffs data-entry chores and teeth grinding patient bottlenecks. We combine your in-office and virtual care patient intake into a single automated digital system. It allows patients to check in from anywhere (just like the airlines), and optimizes patient flow and staff productivity.

The result; an automated check-in process that your patients and your front desk staff will love. Just ask Evergreen Health. Now 20% of their patients check-in from home and the increased efficiency of using tablets instead of paper allowed them remove front desk staff and reduce the size of their waiting rooms by 70%. 

Imagine what that might look like for you.

Automated Patient Check-In

Makes your current check-in process look like patient abuse.

Remove the bottlenecks, mistakes, and data-entry time waste and with self-guided patient intake.
It's either an self-guided patient intake masterpiece that gives your front desk a good part of their day back, or another 2 hours they have to look busy.
TruClinic's automates patient intake at your front desk and online with a single, self-guided platfrom, freeing your staff from data-entry and reducing mistakes.

Self-Guided Check-In

Digital patient histories, surveys, consents, signatures, real time eligibility verification and payments – patients complete the entire process on their own.


AI Rules Engine

Our AI rules engine guides patients through the process with a patient-specific work flow, eliminating redundant or unnecessary questions and forms.


Saves Staff Time

Intake removes the time-waste of using manual labor to handle patient intake, so your staff has more time.

Cleaner Data

Fewer Mistakes

Remove the need for staff data entry and transcription – the primary source of data mistakes – for cleaner data and less wasted time.

Real Time Eligibility

Eligibility Verification

Real time eligibility verification ensures that patients are covered and that you'll be paid.


Patient Surveys

Use surveys and questionnaires to determine patient satisfaction or other information you need to know.

Informed Consent

Patient Consent

Capture patient consent with "wet" on-screen signatures that have the feel of paper signatures.

Patient Experience

Happier Patients

Remember the first time you checked in for a flight from you phone rather than waiting at the service counter?
It's like that.



Patients can scan or upload required forms and documents directly in the system.


Automated Payments

Accept (or require) co-pays and payments automatically while patients are checking in.

Automated Check-In

Somewhere in a waiting room a patient
is filling out forms.

Unifies your in-clinic and virtual care with a single system.

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