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The telehealth platform you need today, and the one you'll need tomorrow.

Flexible. Reliable. Mobile. Modular. Scalable. Secure. Easy to use.
TruClinic is adpoted faster and deeper than other systems.
Technology is only useful when it's used.
TruClinic unifies in-office and virtual care with a suite of powerful tools that work the way that clinicians want them to work. That's why TruClinic is adopted faster, deeper and wider than any other virtual care platform.

TruClinic Changes Everything

Virtual care, remote patient monitoring, first response triage, provider networks, peer consultations, retail medicine... everything is changing. TruClinic isn't an app – It's a virtual care platform that unifies your in-office and telehealth care with a suite of powerful tools that continues your care outside of your four walls. It handles every use case you have, those that are right around the corner, and the new ones down the road.

Without Changing a thing

Every hospital and clinic is as unique as a fingerprint. That's why TruClinic is designed to fit like a glove. Take your EMR, for instance. TruClinic seamlessly integrates via a two-way, real time data-sync. And we sync with your call schedule, nurse-call system, or LDAP directory just as easily.  So on the inside nothing changes. But outwardly, nothing will ever be the same.


Retail Telemedicine

Consumer initiated interactions
with caregivers.



Connects all of your locations
with a single network


Connects to deployed care teams
in the field.

 Provider to Patient

Direct to Patient

Connects clinicians and care teams directly to patients.

Patient Access

Changing the way you use telehealth.
One new use case at a time.

Truclinic's modular design adapts to the ways that your care teams already work.
That's why it's adopted faster and more deeply than other systems.
TruClinic automates your patient intake, adapts to your workflow, and turns your EHR into a patient teleportation device.
Calling it a virtual care platform seems rather limiting.

Quick Provider Adoption

A funny thing happens when you design teleheatlh everyone can use. Everyone uses it. TruClinic is adopted faster and deeper than other telehealth solutions.


Massive ROI

TruClinic's simple subscripton model gives you unlimited users, use cases and utilization across your entire organization for an almost unlimited ROI.


Two-way EHR Sync

We speek fluent EHR — ADT for patient demographics and payments, SIU for scheduling, C-CDA patient clinical details, ORU / MDM for clinical flowsheets and consent forms, and FHIR fast healthcare interoperability.

Built-In Security


TruClinic's 5 tier security complies with HIPAA, HITECH, and COPPA. We maintain SSAE 16 SOC 1-4 audit certification and conduct third-party penetration testing sand security audits to keep your information is safe.


Shapes to every work flow

Every department has different proceedures, and different needs. TruClinic maps perfectly to them all.

Patient Experience

Patients Will Love You

Patients love the access and time savings of Telehealth. Your patient satisfaction scores go up and to the right.

Virtual Care Platforms

They interrogated our customers, investigated our claims and scrutinized our numbers. Then they rated us against every other telehealth platform.

Guess who is number 1?
We invented the telehealth platform in 2012.
We've been re-inventing it ever since.

The Swiss Army Knife of telehealth.


In 1950s it was estimated to take more than 50 years to double all medical knowledge.
By 2020 it will take just 73 days.*

That's what technology can do.

The changes in healthcare are gargantuan. And no one knows for sure exactly where they're going – what next gizmo or wiz-bang breakthrough is next. But there is one thing that we do know; you're going to use technology.

Because good technology makes you more productive, letting you spend more time working at the top of your license. And if it's great technology you'll love using it. And you won't even know that it's there.

That's why TruClinic gets used more than other systems.

TruClinic is simple to use for both providers and patients, so it's adopted faster. And it adapts to every use case  –  even the oddball ones  –  so it spreads widely. And there are no limits on accounts or how you use it, so it's adopted deeply.

We believe that the best care is provided when technology removes all of the barriers between caregivers and patients to create an unbroken line of care. Technology that works inside of the technology you already use and adapts to the way that you work, not the other way around.

That's what TruClinic does.

You'll love TruClinic the first time you use it. And long, long after.

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