Health Systems

So much more than other virtual care platforms. And so much less, too.

Health systems need best-in-class efficiency and productivity to meet the changes to value based care. TruClinic delivers massive ROI.
Any telehealth company can say they deliver ROI like TruClinic on a website. On a spreadsheet it's a bit more difficult.
TruClinic doesn't throttle your users, accounts, bandwidth, or ROI.
So your CFO will love Truclinic almost as much as you do.
 Retail Telehealth

Retail Telemedicine

Consumer initiated interactions
with caregivers.



Connects all of your locations
with a single network.



Connect to deployed care
teams in the field.

 Direct to Patient

Direct to Patient

Clinicians and care teams connect directly to their patients.



If you're looking for ROI from your virtual care platform, you'll need to have a platform that clinicians love to use. 

TruClinic is simple to use for both providers and patients, so it's adopted faster. And it adapts to every use case  –  even the oddball ones  –  so it spreads widely. And there are no limits on accounts or how you use it, so it's adopted deeply.

Every part of TruClinic was built to mirror the way that clinicians work, not to change it. And because clinicians love to use it, they do. And that means that your health system
is helping more patients, improving more outcomes, and increasing your ROI.


We invented the virtual care platform in 2012.
We've been reinventing it ever since.

Site-to-site, faclility-to-field, consumer and virtual care – TruClinic connects your health system, care teams, and patients with a single platform.
Simple & Easy

Fast & Wide Adoption

TruClinic lets clinicians keep their process and workflows, so they use it more, improving efficiency
and driving massive ROI.


Continuous Care

TruClinic streamlines the clinical process, making it easier for your caregivers to connect with you more frequently, rather than only during periodic visits.

Patient Experience

Improved Outcomes

TruClinic increases patient access and interactions, so there are fewer gaps in your care. The result: early symptom detection and improved outcomes.

Built-In Security


TruClinic's 5 tier security complies with HIPAA, HITECH, and COPPA. We maintain SSAE 16 SOC 1-4 audit certification and conduct third-party penetration testing sand security audits to keep your information is safe.

Modular Platform

Built for every use case you have, and those far down the road.

Value based care requires scalable technology beyond what single-use apps can deliver. TruClinic handles every use case in a single platform.
Other telehealth companies have massive sales teams,
huge trade show booths, and multi-million dollar
marketing campaigns.
TruClinic has a spreadsheet.

TruClinic gets used more than
other systems.



When you're buying a virtual care platform for a 2,600 physician health system, you'd better find something they'll use.

And when those physicians are spread across 4 acute-care hospitals, 3 specialty hospitals, and 3 different medical groups you'd better buy a platform that handles every use case.

And when you're delivering life-saving care it had better work perfectly every time.

So when Sharp – the leading nonprofit health system in San Diego – looked to find the best virtual care platform they started with a list of requirements a mile long and a wide net. Sharp looked at every telehealth vendor before they whittled a list down to 20, then to 8, then to 3 before they sent out an RFP.

Who do you think they chose?

Yep. TruClinic.


other telehealth companies charge $1 million to turn on an account.

We do it for $2,500. And buy lunch.

Some of our competitors charge $1 million or more to turn on a new account.

We can't really blame them. They're desperate for that money. They're the companies that have raised $50 million in venture capital to jump in on the telehealth bandwagon. They spend that money on massive internal sales teams, huge trade show booths, and teams of marketers spending millions of dollars on glitzy marketing and PR. It's the Silicon Valley way; spend everything to acquire sales and then sell the company for a massive profit.

They're forced to squeeze you for every penny.

Not us.

We're not in Silicon Valley. We fly coach. Our money goes back into our technology and support teams. Our sales team numbers exactly 3, one of which is our CEO. We've got one marketing guy and we've never spent a dollar on PR or advertising.

But health systems keep choosing us over them.

In fact, when we go head-to-head with the big-spenders we win more often than not.

It might have something to do with the fact that we've pioneered this technology since 2010. Perhaps it's the fact that we're adopted faster, and wider, and more deeply than other systems. Or our CFO-friendly ROI. Or our awesome platform. Or because we don't charge $1 million dollars turn on a new account.

Or maybe it's that while other telehealth companies are on a mission to get rich, we're on a mission to provide caregivers the tools they need to care for people.

So while other companies may have more money to spend, we know we have a better story to tell.

Let us tell you our story.

We'll be happy to let you decide.

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