Who Benefits from Telemedicine?

For those of us who are in excellent health, it can sometimes be hard to see who really benefits from telemedicine (The use of telecommunications technology to remotely diagnosis, evaluate and care for patients). For the average, healthy urban citizen, a quick drive to the doctor’s offices for a routine checkup is simple and rare. However, the rural community would beg to differ. For many patients who live outside the city, the long trips can quickly put a hole in their pocket. Especially when in most cases, the patient could have been easily evaluated via the Internet. This is only one of many examples of a person benefiting from telemedicine.

Imagine a single parent with a sick child and two other healthy ones. With a technology like TruClinic, this parent could speak with her child’s pediatrician and get a diagnosis and prescription from her own home, while her healthy children played unperturbed in their backyard. Telemedicine allows face-to-face communication without the hassle of public waiting rooms.

Look at another situation. For the average person, getting around isn’t too hard. But imagine an elderly woman who suffers from a mobility issue. Getting from her bedroom, to the living room, can be quite a difficult task, much less traveling to a doctor’s office for a routine checkup. In fact, making such a trip could only worsen the condition. It is in situations like this where telemedicine can play a huge role. With the ability to communicate with your doctor via a webcam and Internet connection, you take all the risk and trouble out of the equation.

Cosmetic medical clinics and medical spas have been early adopters of most new care technologies, and telemedicine is gaining traction in use case for consultations.

In addition, telemedicine can also benefit those who suffer from chronic diseasesand require frequent observation. Why make constant trips to see your doctor, when you can easily be evaluated in your own home? This is just another of many examples of a person benefiting from telemedicine

In fact, the truth is, we all probably know someone who could benefit from telemedicine.

It is important we all understand the benefits of telemedicine. Just having a basic understanding of how it works, may lead you to an opportunity to inform someone who may benefit from the very same knowledge.

As Kofi Annan put it, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”