Ask Your Health Provider About Telemedicine

It’s no secret telemedicine is rapidly changing the face of the health industry. However, many people are beginning to ask the question, “Should I consider talking to my doctor about telemedicine?” And the simple answer is, “Yes.” There is a large pool of reasons one should consider telecommunication, and below, we will discuss some of the most important.

Increase in Comfort with Doctor

With telemedicine allowing patients to host appointments with their doctors in their own home (via the Internet), they are guaranteed to be more relaxed with sharing health concerns with their doctor. A pleasant and familiar setting will led to a patient being more honest with their doctor about various subjects, such as: taking medicine on a regular basis, eating the proper diet, or more personal matters.

Allows Patients to Hold Onto Their Independence

As we become older, our independence becomes more precious to us. And constant visits to doctor offices and hospitals, can take that away. There are also many people who suffer from mobility issues, and do not wish to move due to a choice to live on their own. And the good thing about telemedicine is it offers patients that very choice. In an interview, Dr. Dorsey said it best, “In the 19th century, medicine developed anesthetics, which…enabled us to operate on the inoperable. In the 20th century, we developed antibiotics, which let us cure the incurable. In the 21st century, we have telecommunications technology, which lets us reach the unreachable.”

Financially Friendly

For those who are constantly forced to make doctor visits, they are quite aware of the inconvenient travel and checkup costs. Well, with the arrival of telemedicine, those costs are nearly cut in half. With most appointments able to be completed through a secure Internet video, there is no need for travel or unnecessary doctor visits. Experts estimate nearly 60% of all health concerns can be diagnosed and cured without there ever being a physical examination.

As you can see, there are several reasons you should consider talking with your health provider about adding a telemedicine company such as TruClinic. Not only does it create a more comfortable setting, it also leads to more self-reliance, and less expensive cost.