About Us


Helping providers deliver the best care to everyone, everywhere.
Our Mission: To help providers deliver the best care
and make it universally accessible.
Our platform empowers healthcare providers — from individual clinicians to the largest hospital networks — to deliver care to their patients anywhere.


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Number of different use cases for a single customer.


The Top Scoring Virtual Care Platfrom - Klas Research.


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Our Story

Back in 2010, a few guys got together to make healthcare accessible to everyone.

They pooled what little cash they had and started TruClinic - building the first virtual care technology that was flexible enough to fit radically different use cases and simple enough that anyone could use it. They envisioned a world where clinicians could connect with every patient, everywhere.

And that's still our vision.

We've been a part of some incredible stories. We built the systems that provided access to care for every person on the Goshute Reservation, and helped a mother meet and talk to her newborn child in ICU for the first time. 

Virtual care, remote monitoring, patient triage, automated patient intake...  Our customers use TruClinic for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of different use cases. One academic health system client uses TruClinic across more than 60 different specialty clinics in 5 states. Another customer uses TruClinic in 700 locations. We have customers using TruClinic for virtual care, addiction therapy, population health, patent monitoring, chronic care, drug research, and every other use case across healthcare.

Caregivers don't need another app. They need a teleportation device – a platform that puts them in front of any patient as though they were in the same treatment room – with whatever information and people are needed to care for that person.

Like Simo, a 5 year old Moroccan boy with autism who had never walked and only cried to communicate. One of our nonprofit clients connected him from Morocco to a therapist in San Francisco who helped him stop crying. And start communicating. And walking. And now Simo is starting to speak. The video of the look on his mothers face when she heard her little boy speak for the very first time stopped us all in our tracks.

We were witnessing nothing less than a miracle. After that, it wasn't about the technology or even the incredible medical breakthroughs. It became all about Simo. And the millions of other people like Simo who can be helped in ways they couldn't be helped before.

So we built TruClinic to handle every use case, so that every caregiver can use it to make lives better. And while TruClinic is about incredible technology, and EHR integrations, and security, and simple usability, it's mostly about the miracle.

About Us

Helping clinicians deliver care everywhere

TruClinic helps your caregivers stay connected with you. Anywhere.


As a truly exceptional place to work, we consistently win recognition in the virtual health industry.
Journal of mHealth
Top Scoring Virtual Care Platfrom
ATA Emerging Technology

Our Values


Our work has meaning

We stand for more than just shareholder value. We're trusted to handle life-changing interactions when people are at their most vulnerable. We take that trust seriously.


Customer Obsession

We obsess over our customers and work hard to earn their trust and make them successful.


Design Is Primary

We believe that design and usablity come first. Anything unused is wasted.



We own what we do. We think long term and act for the benefit of the comany and our users. We never say "that's not my job".


Act With Urgency

We act with a sense of urgency.


Find Truth

We continuously try to break our assumptions to find the truth whatever it is and no matter how long it takes.


Do Big Things

We are not intimidated, nor do we listen to the nay-sayers. We're building something bigger than ourselves. We create and commuicate a bold direction that inspires results.


Be an artist

We seek to create the new. We experiment. We will never accept the status quo.



About Us

Helping clinicians deliver care everywhere

TruClinic helps your caregivers stay connected with you. Anywhere.

Salt Lake City

TruClinic's downtown SLC location is in the historic Crane building.


New York City

The greater New York City area is where a number of us call home..

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